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CD 1: At Carnegie Hall (70:45)
1. Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie (harmonica) with Full Cast: This Train Is Bound For Glory
2. Robert Ryan: Narration
3. Will Geer: Narration
4. Arlo Guthrie: Oklahoma Hills
5. Will Geer: Narration
6. Judy Collins: So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh
7. Robert Ryan: Narration
8. Woody Guthrie recording: Riding In My Car
9. Will Geer: Narration
10. Pete Seeger: Curly Headed Baby
11. Robert Ryan: Narration
12. Odetta: Ramblin' Round
13. Will Geer: Narration
14. Pete Seeger, Judy Collins & Arlo Guthrie: Goin' Down The Road
15. Robert Ryan: Narration
16. Tom Paxton: Pretty Boy Floyd
17. Will Geer: Narration
18. Richie Havens: Blues For Woody
19. Will Geer: Narration
20. Judy Collins: Deportee
21. Richie Havens: Vigilante Man
22. Tom Paxton: Pastures of Plenty
23. Bob Dylan: Grand Coulee Dam
24. Bob Dylan: Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
25. Bob Dylan: I Ain't Got No
26. Judy Collins: Roll On Columbia: Part 1
27. Robert Ryan: Narration
28. Judy Collins: Roll On Columbia: Part 2
29. Pete Seeger & Richie Havens: Jackhammer John
30. Tom Paxton: Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done
31. Judy Collins & Pete Seeger: Union Maid
32. Robert Ryan/Will Geer/Judy Collins: Narration
33. Odetta, Will Geer, Arlo Guthrie with Full Cast: This Land Is Your Land


CD 2: At The Hollywood Bowl, Part 1 (70:13)
1. Full Cast: Intro This Train Is Bound For Glory
2. Peter Fonda & Will Geer: Narration
3. Arlo Guthrie: Oklahoma Hills
4. Will Geer: Narration
5. Joan Baez & Pete Seeger: So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh
6. Peter Fonda: Narration
7. Country Joe McDonald, Arlo Guthrie, Jack Elliott & Pete Seeger: Goin' Down The Road
8. Peter Fonda & Will Geer: Narration
9. Joan Baez: Hobo's Lullaby
10. Peter Fonda: Narration
11. Odetta: Ramblin' Round
12. Will Geer: Narration
13. Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie (with Woody Guthrie recording): I Ain't Got No Home
14. Peter Fonda: Narration
15. Country Joe McDonald: Pretty Boy Floyd
16. Richie Havens: Nine Hundred Miles
17. Will Geer & Peter Fonda: Narration
18. Joan Baez: Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee)
19. Peter Fonda: Narration
20. Odetta: John Hardy
21. Will Geer: Narration
22. Jack Elliott, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Earl Robinson, Country Joe McDonald & Arlo Guthrie: Hard Travelin'
23. Will Geer: Narration
24. Richie Havens: Vigilante Man
25. Peter Fonda: Narration
26. Jack Elliott: 1913 Massacre
27. Arlo Guthrie (with Woody Guthrie recording): Do Re Mi
28. Will Geer: Narration
29. Joan Baez (with Woody Guthrie recording): Pastures of Plenty
30. Peter Fonda: Narration
31. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger: Roll On Columbia


CD 3: At The Hollywood Bowl, Part 2 & Bonus Tracks (77:24)
1. Will Geer: Narration
2. Odetta with Will Geer & Peter Fonda: Why Oh Why & Narration
3. Earl Robinson: Mail Myself To You
4. Jack Elliott: Howdido
5. Peter Fonda: Narration
6. Country Joe McDonald: Woman At Home
7. Will Geer: Narration
8. Pete Seeger: The Sinking Of The Reuben James
9. Will Geer: Narration
10. Arlo Guthrie: Jesus Christ
11. Arlo Guthrie & Joan Baez (Background vocals: Odetta, John Pilla & Gib Guilbeau): I've Got To Know
12. Arlo Guthrie, Country Joe McDonald, Odetta, Joan Baez & Pete Seeger: This Train Is Bound For Glory
13. Peter Fonda & Joan Baez: Narration
14. Full Cast: This Land Is Your Land / So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh

15. Arlo Guthrie: ''The only thing I really remember…''
16. Arlo Guthrie: ''These events with a multitude of people…''
17. Judy Collins: ''First of all, your mom…''
18. Jack Elliott: ''I received an invitation…''
19. Jack Elliott: ''I was very excited about the whole thing…''
20. Rick Robbins: ''It was a mob scene…''
21. Rick Robbins: ''When he came out…''
22. Judy Collins: ''I was very nervous…''
23. Rick Robbins: ''I was very moved by…''
24. Tom Paxton: ''I was invited by…''
25. Tom Paxton: ''We all went on stage together…''
26. Tom Paxton: ''Oh, I look at pictures of me…''
27. Rick Robbins: ''And then after the show was more memories…''
28. Phil Ochs: ''The Woody Guthrie concert was my last straw…''
29. Arlo Guthrie: ''The second time I had more of a hand…''
30. Country Joe McDonald: ''Well at the rehearsal…''
31. Country Joe McDonald: ''The soundcheck for the show I was sitting…''
32. Arlo Guthrie: ''One of the great things…''
33. Arlo Guthrie: ''I was with Warner Brothers at the time…''
34. Arlo Guthrie: ''The records were made taking bits and pieces…''
35. Pete Seeger: "Woody lives on…"
36. Bob Dylan: Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie





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