Little Bird
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie
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I’m a little bird, you see see see
I live in my home in my nest in our tree
My daddy brings my mama worms
And Mama feeds the worms to me

Today my daddy flew out on our limb
Didn’t bring any worms to me all the day long
He said, “Tweet tweet tweet, your day has come
To fly out from home and catch your own worm.”

My mother told me, “Your father is right.
You’ll have to leave out of our nest and fly.
Your beak is full-grown, your wings they are strong.
Today’s your day to fly and catch your own worm.”

“But Mommy, oh Mommy, you know I can’t fly.
The wind is too cold, and our tree is too high.
I’m afraid to try to fly in the sky.
I’ll fall, and I’ll break my wing, and I’ll cry.”

Dad said, “You’ve got to fly out on your own,
To fly in the storm, and to fly toward the sun.
I’ll peck and I’ll pecka you out of this nest –
I don’t care a bit if you cry out your eyes.”

It was pecky, peck, pecky, and picka pick pick
They pecked me, they pushed me right out of our nest.
I feel through the sky till I learned how to fly.
I caught a big worm, and I never did cry.

© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc & TRO-Folkways Music, Inc (BMI)
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